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ccmcacollister ♡ 213 ( +1 | -1 )
3-D Chess and Variants Speaking of 3-D Chess in the 'movies and novels' thread, brought me to wonder ...
Has anyone here actually ever PLAYED 3-D Chess ??! I never have, nor seen a game except on Star Trek, nor even seen a real 3-Dboard and set other than there.
Anyone? What was it like?
Are there any other Chess variants you have played/enjoyed? I have played "Give-away Chess, aka "TAke ME", plus Bughouse aka Double-Speed Chess. Played one game of Fischer Random Chess or similar that was called Transendental Chess back then. But not any actual FRC yet. It tends to boggle me too much to be any good. The problem is not so much going without my openings knowledge, rather just having my forces aligned in a non-customary way leads me to make a lot of instinctive mistakes. Thinking I have force where it is not. Or seeing opp's be where it "should not" be :)
And another variant I learned long ago. Goes like this.
BL gets all his pieces in usual set-up.
WT gets only his K plus the four pawns upon c2,d2,e2,and f2 but he gets the first move and gets to move two times for each move of BL.
His King can capture the opponents King if it gets within the needed 2 squares of distance. WT pawns can also capture the BL king. Whereas BL must Checkmate WT as usual. And white gets two moves to get out of check, as well. So he can actually walk thru a check to make a capture, but cannot end up in check after his move-2 or is mated.
Try it out. It is quite fun for a different diversion. One side probably should win. But usually the other does instead! If anyone wants to know how it is supposed to end up, just drop me a PM and I'll let you know.
Also, there is a Great site for new and unusual Chess Variants called -> which I have perused at times and looks very, very interesting. Such as "Atomic" where your piece can blow-up if taken which may take others nearby with it. Or one where you can come back and find that the system has mysteriously moved a piece or two on the board for you or your opp!
And other fun things.
Regards, Craig

basbos ♡ 75 ( +1 | -1 )
Kriegspiel This a very interesting variant which I have played on ICC.In this game the player cannot see his/her opponent pieces, also cannot see his/her moves.This is not like blindfold. In blindfold the player knows the moves of the opponent, but in kriegspiel you have to guess! After a move you may find that one of your pieces has been captured or may be you are in check.When it is your turn and want to put a piece on a specific square, the server may tell you congratulation you have captured a piece!

After the game end you can see the whole game.The name is taken from german , it means war game.

In my first kriegspiel game , I lost after 8 moves and then discovered that my opponent has just promoted another queen and checkmated my king:-(
hardland ♡ 67 ( +1 | -1 )
Wide Chess When I was at high school, a friend of mine decided to create a "Wide Chess", a chess board of 24x24. You put three sets of pieces site to side at each side, each one with one player to move.

His idea moved us to go to his house and play. But it seemed boring. You have to advance during interminable moves (maybe he shoud built it 8x24), and then all we had learned about the game was almost gone.

We never played it again, and I don't know what had happened to te biggest board I've ever seen.

By the way, I was the winner and only survivor of the black's side. But that was just because we all played it in a big confusion, and I took advantage of theirs.
naamloos ♡ 49 ( +1 | -1 )
variant I once played a variant on the internet against a computer in which the amount of moves you can make per turn increases after each turn. So that white on his first turn can move ones, black can then move twice, after which white can move three times etc. The computer engine was pretty bad though and I checkmated it within 3 turns both the two games that I played. I believe the variant was called scotch game or scotch variant.
spugmyers ♡ 36 ( +1 | -1 )
Plunderchess I always liked the sound of this:


When a piece captures another it dons a vest allowing it to make one move sometime in the future as the piece it captured. You can only wear one vest at a time.

Never played it though.
ionadowman ♡ 192 ( +1 | -1 )
This casts the mind back! A zillion years ago a bunch of us used to play chess variants like 'Transparent Chess', Cylindrical Chess, Replacement Chess, and, my all-time favorite: 'Alice' or 'Looking Glass' Chess. This last is almost 3D. You need 2 boards, but just one set of pieces. One board is set up as usual, the other begins the game empty. Each time you move a piece, it disappears from the board it began from, to reappear on the other. But it was so long ago - 30-odd years - that I've forgotten how captures and checkmates worked. 'Transparent Chess' is wonderful for tacticians. The men are transparent to their own side, so that 1.Bg5 is a legal move. 1.Qh5 is not check, though. One's men does block the enemy pieces as normal. You can imagine how devastating tripled heavy pieces on a file can be, acting independently of their order!
There are two forms of 'Replacement' that I know of. In one, captured pieces are immediately replaced on the board, the capturer choosing where. Some players like to denude the opposing king, others like to crowd it in, some like to crowd the enemy queen. The other version was also called 'Transfer' (I think), very popular in this country (probably still is). It was played by teams of two, but with two sets and 2 clocks, so opponents paired off, one team member playing White, the other, Black. The game pairs were at 5-minute (lightning) time control. A man you captured from your opponent was handed to your team mate who could play it on the board instead of a move (I can't remember whether this was compulsory or not - probably it could be withheld until a suitable moment). A loss on time was a loss for the team as a whole, the way we played it. Games often ended after a violent flurry of activity with everyone staring at the clocks, with one side afraid to move, the other waiting in vain for the transfer of the man needed to deliver mate...
Great fun. Oh, and I stank at Kriegspiel.
ionadowman ♡ 23 ( +1 | -1 )
Castling in Cylindrical Chess... ...Can anyone confirm that in Cylindrical Chess, 0-0-0-0 means castling K-side with the
Q-side rook, and 0-0-0-0-0 means castling Q-side with the K-side rook? At any rate, I'm sure they are legal moves...