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ccmcacollister 70 ( +1 | -1 )
Russian School of Chess?! I've heard of the Romantics, Hypermoderns, etc And often references to the Russian or Soviet School of Chess. Just wondering what difrerentiates it from any other School or Philosophy (besides winning a lot!). Is there a British, Dutch, Italian Australian or other nation-based "Schools" of approach? I've noticed in one particular opening I play, the French, there seems to be a very distinct American
style of it created, different from many British & European players. But assume that a School of Thought is more than this. Are there particular methods or approach that are/were unique there? Or was it just an all inclusive way of refering to the entire Chess scene of the USSR or Russia.?
ccmcacollister 80 ( +1 | -1 )
Grandmasters: life, times & demise I wished to open this thread to discuss more about the lives of various GM's. Any interesting, peculiar, or little known facts especially. Tho there is much that must be fascinating for this broad topic. Could be about an unusual demise (such as Alekhine choking upon a bite of meat). Or accomplishment, Quotes, maxims, trivia, situations they were in, whatever You have found interesting. By GM's let us also include the "Old Master's" of pre-Elo & pre-Championship times as well. For EG as A possible starting place what might be a few of the most interesting things you have heards about any GM's or your Favorite GM. Etc. The forums have seemed so slow lately, except the ever popular "IS Chess Sport?" thread. Hope this may be an enjoyable & informative topic to discuss ?
ccmcacollister 17 ( +1 | -1 )
Ok Scratch Post 1 was to be a seperate thread and I have once again done a Cumpoter "ig". Pleas disregard post 1 here. And I'll have a new thread for it. Sure wish i knew how to cut & paste!